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Burning Airlines was a U.S. music band, founded in 1997 that disbanded in 2002. It was started by former Jawbox members J. Robbins and Bill Barbot. Before Jawbox split in 1997, Robbins and Barbot had begun jamming with Robbins' former Government Issue bandmate and drummer, Peter Moffet. When Zach Barocas left Jawbox for New York, Moffet was briefly asked to fill in for Barocas. However, this Jawbox lineup was not to be, and Jawbox called it quits shortly afterwards. However, the musicians' familiarity gave them a distinct advantage, and Burning Airlines was born fully formed, and off and running to a very quick start. Taking their name from a Brian Eno song, Burning Airlines quickly released their first EP, and shortly thereafter their debut CD Mission: Control! was released in 1999 on DeSoto Records. Being unable to tour full-time, Bill Barbot bowed out of Burning Airlines and long time friend and Jawbox roadie, Mike Harbin took over as bassist. This lineup would do some extensive touring and record their second release, "Identikit" on DeSoto Records in 2001. Shortly afterwards, Benjamin Pape was added as second Guitarist/keyboards/vocalist. Burning Airlines then suddenly and abruptly split up in 2002. The band release two full length albums, a self-titled EP and "split" releases with At The Drive-In and Braid. Burning Airlines were involved in a minor controversy, after the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. Burning Airlines were in the middle of a major North American Tour, when the attacks occurred. Many clubs refused to display the name "BURNING AIRLINES" atop their marquees so shortly after the attacks. The band had considered changing their name, but after some time and reflection, decided the name was still appropriate, and had taken a new meaning and relevancy. Read more on Last.fm.

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