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DAAU was formed in 1992 at the conservatory in Antwerp (Belgium) by Han Stubbe, Roel van Camp and the brothers Buni & Simon Lenski. The band name was "Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung" (German for The Anarchistic Evening Entertainment), from the Hermann Hesse novel "Der Steppenwolf" (1927). (Now they call themselves DAAU, an abbreviation.) The first work of the group was an experimental cover from the dEUS-hit Suds & Soda. After a moment of silence since 2006 DAAU has released a new album 'The Shepherd's Dream' in April 2010. The group now consist of Roel Van Camp (accordion), Simon Lenski (violincello), Han Stubbe (clarinet) & Hannes d'Hoine (double bass) They have released ten albums: 1. No Titel (1995) 2. We Need New Animals (1997) 3. Gin & Tonic remixes (1998) 4. Life Transmission (2001) 5. Richard of York Gave Battle in Vain (2002) 6. Ghost Tracks (2004) 7. Tub Gurnard Goodness (2004) 8. Domestic Wildlife (2006) 9. The Shepherd's Dream (2010) 10. Eight Definitions(2013) Read more on Last.fm.

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