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Daniel Norgren is a swedish singer-songwriter from BorĂ¥s. His music noted for its originality, which is rough and soulful with ways in the expressions that could be traced back to the pre-war blues and gospel, early garagerock and jazz. As a live artist he often performs all on his own, with his one man band on electric guitar, drums, kazoo and harmonica, but he also performs with a full band. In reviews he has been compared with artists like RL Burnside, Tom Waits, White Stripes and Son House etc with one thing underlined: He's a quite unique artist with an untouched feeling in his music and expression. Norgren has released eight studio albums: Kerosene dreams (Superpuma Records, 2007), Outskirt (Superpuma Records, 2008), Horrifying Deatheating Bloodspider (Superpuma Records, 2010), Black Vultures (2011), Buck (2013), Alabursy (2015), The Green Stone (2015) and Wooh Dang (2019) Read more on Last.fm.

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