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Dazerdoreal was founded in 1995 in Koblenz, Germany. It was an electronic project featuring Aydo Abay, the singer of the german bands Blackmail and Ken. The group disbanded shortly before the release of their sophomore album "L'Autiste", following the departure of guitarist Jörg Stolz. The album remained unreleased for almost three years until fellow Nois-O-Lution label artist Rotoskop got hold of the recordings. He subsequently did remixes of a selection of tracks from both Dazerdoreal albums, which led to the release of "L'Autiste" as a double album, with the second CD being Rotoskop's remix album, entitled "Meet: Dazerdoreal". Line-Up: * Jörg Stotz (Guitar), until ca. 2001 * Michael Elzer aka. Wirehead (Chapman Stick, Bass, Guitar, Synthies) * Mario Matthias (Drums) * Aydo Abay (Voice), since 1997 Discography: * 2000 - Hard Disk To Hell, CD (Nois-O-Lution / EFA) * 2002 - L'Autiste (Noise-O-Lution / EFA) - unreleased * 2004 - L'Autiste & Rotoskop - meet:Dazerdoreal, 2xCD (Nois-O-Lution / Vielklang) Singles/EPs: * 1999 - Pornshop On Elmstreet, CD Single (Nois-O-Lution / EFA) * 2002 - Split w/ Urlaub In Polen, 7" (Rakete RKT006) Read more on Last.fm.

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