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There are at least 3 bands called El Camino: 1) A doomish Rock'n'Roll band from Sweden, formed in 2002 2) A post-rock band from the Netherlands 3) A rock band from Leeds, formed in 2007 1) The Swedish band el Camino has since the beginning back in the winter of 2002/03 been a tool for the expression of booth music and thoughts. The music has always been the primary with a call to compose heavy music that isn’t limited by either genres or other unwritten laws. The shaping of el Camino consists of cultural, musical, occult and historical elements. http://www.myspace.com/elcaminomusic 2) El camino is a band from Amsterdam, the Netherlands that put out their first record 'with perfect nonchalance' in 2001. It was the first postrock album that came out of the Netherlands. In 2002 the second (homerecorded) album 'laika' is released, which focuses more on drones, soundscapes, and atmospheric pieces. A split 7" is released in 2004 with befriended band 'zoppo', and in 2006 the EP 'at jenny richee' is released. It combines the best of both previous albums and balances between post-rock, post-pop, spheric and epic pieces. In 2007 the band took some time of. They got back together in 2009 and are currently working on their new record. El Camino ('the road' in Spanish) was founded in Haarlem and one of the first bands to emerge in the Netherlands. Their chiefly instrumental music is guitar-driven with some electronics and has a cinematic character. El Camino is often compared to bands like Godspeed You Black Emperor, Mogwai and Sigur Ros. Releases from El Camino include the EP "At Jenny Richee" (2005), a split EP with Zoppo called "02:59:43/I see the sea" (2003) and "Laika" (2002). In the first days of January 2007 it became apparent El Camino would cease to exist. A goodbye gig was given February 2007 in Patronaat in their hometown Haarlem, together with Zoppo. 3) El Camino is also the name of a band, formed in Leeds in 2007. They hit their drums very hard, distort their guitars, use loops and samples, the bass rumbles and the voice knows highs and lows. They'll be your friends. They offer a good time, all the time. Christopher Carney - Guitars, Vocals, Arched back The Wizard - Keyboards, Synth Dan Guest - Bass, Power stance Morgan Lewis - Drums, Drumming. You can hear them here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/El-Camino/20222259400?ref=ts

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