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There are at least eight artists under this name: First and foremost, according to the charts of Last.fm, Elias from Sweden. From gospel choir boy to promising soul singer, 20 year-old Elias Björn Sahlin climbed the career ladder in trendy quarter Södermalm, Stockholm. It all started with the 'Tensta Gospel's Joyful Noise' (Tensta Gospel Choir) when he was just 13 years old. Elias Sahlin is the boy with stage fright as early he loved the stage; grew up in an environment where art and emotions were present, thanks to the artist's father and a psychologist as mother at last he found his voice and developed it in Tensta Gospel Choir. In high school he skipped math and played instead on school piano. He has always found it difficult to observe rules but it has indeed shown that it paid off. Elias found the way to soul music, it has come in recent years. Since he started high school, but also in Tensta (borough in Stockholm). He learned new people and listened to the electronic side of music. He was inspired a lot by FKA Twigs. Meanwhile, both Sad Boys and Yung Lean attended the same school as Elias and hung in the same circles. In this way, He has met a different side of the music. Elias is in his third year at secondary school Södra Latin music program. Official released works (2012-2016) Windows (Single) 30 October 2012 Windows (part 1) was written by Scandinavian Soul co-founder Stevie Nii-Adu Mensah and Windows (part 2) was recently performed at the video release event. The video is produced by Scandinavian Soul and filmed by Bes Rakthai. Revolution (Single) 13 February 2015 Green Eyes (Single) 14 December 2015 (A tale of the near-fruitless attempt to move on from a poisonous lover, lyrics of "keeping one eye open / sleeping with the enemy / release me from the chains" cut through moody, Middle Eastern-tinged electronics as Elias' quivering croon recalls BANKS' stunning vocal earnesty.) WarCry (EP) 6 November 2015 Down N Out / Makin Me Happy (Single) 10 Juni 2016 First, Elias is a Vancouver-based band comprised of Brian Healy (vocals, piano, guitar), lead guitarist Rob Tornroos and drummer Stefan Tavares. Together, they deliver an anthemic mix of dark, moody vocal melodies with original guitar riffs, haunting keyboards, and forceful rhythms. Having formed in 2005 and released their self-titled EP in 2006, Elias has performed countless club and all-ages shows across Western Canada. “…they succeed in making the kind of pulsating, loud rock that the Mars Volta or Radiohead might approve of in equal turns.” – Spin.com “Every band has particular strengths and, for these guys, it’s their vocals. Falling somewhere between Radiohead and Nada Surf, they have a great sound that they make all their own.” – Chartattack.com The second band is a swedish reaggaeband, who recently topped the Swedish charts thanks to their ode to Zlatan Ibrahimovic titled "Who's Da Man". The third artist, also swedish, is making ass kicking blip-blop, in honour of VAIS/HDK. The fourth Elias are a band from Münster, Germany that formed in late 2008 and consists of members of Videoclub and Neon Sleep. They play blissful and elegant Indie-Pop The fifth artist is a RnB singer orginating from Ontario, Canada. His album ‘Risking It All’ was self produced, written, engineered and arranged by Elias. The sixth Elias is an ethnic melodic metal project by Ilya Chursin, best known for being drummer for Russian symphonic metal band Welicoruss and death metal band Ungraved. He was previously known by the pseudonym Fucker. His last album Not a Word about the World was released for free download in 2011. His (abandoned on the date of creation) last.fm profile is SerEliasFucker. The seventh Elias is a Deep House producer also known as Jean Frank Cochois signed on Driftwood label. From his discogs-site: "Driftwood's Elias hails from a Central European country. Before his releases on Driftwood, Elias spent 17 years traveling around to various parts of our world looking for the perfect woman. While Elias still came back a single guy, he is now channeling all of his energy into making minimal, dub-infused house music." Read more on Last.fm.

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