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2007 | 58 | Fires in Distant Buildings
Gravenhurst was a project by singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Nick Talbot (14 May 1977 – 2 December 2014), from Bristol, England, signed to Warp Records. Talbot began playing solo, but from 1999 Gravenhurst toured extensively as a band. Gravenhurst's first full-band line up featured Dave Collingwood on drums, who also plays with Azalea City Penis Club, and bassist Paul Nash. Nash soon left to concentrate on his own musical project North Sea Navigator, and was replaced by Huw Cooksley. Later, Robin Allender, and Alex Wilkins joined on bass and guitar respectively. Talbot initially played all of the instruments on the recordings; Dave Collingwood took on the increasingly complex drum parts on 'Fires in Distant Buildings', and again on 'The Western Lands' (2007). Collingwood played in the live band from 2000, and left in 2008. Talbot collaborated with Guy Bartell in Bronnt Industries Kapital. He kept a blog, The Police Diver's Notebook and edited an adult web comic, Ultraskull. His death was announced on the 4th of December 2014. Read more on Last.fm.

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