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This page represents seven artists: "Helios" is a moniker of ambient electronic artist Keith Kenniff. Raised in rural Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Keith started playing drums, guitar and bass and played in a variety of touring bands, from rock to jazz and classical. He was finally drawn to study percussion at Boston's Berklee College of Music. He took a keen interest in independent film, world cinema, and filmscore. His primary musical venture is the solo project 'Helios', showcasing his skill in percussion, his delicate touch on the guitar, his measured and spacious songwriting, and his self-taught electro-acoustic production. Miami-based label Merck released his first album entitled 'Unomia' which went on to receive international acclaim. Less than a year after Unomia had hit the shelves, another of Keith's projects, 'Goldmund', saw the light of day with the release of 'Corduroy Road', a selection of solo piano recordings released on the young British label Type Records. This album was also well received internationally, and some of its tracks have been used in films and major television series. June 2006 marked Keith's third full-length release on Type Records entitled 'Eingya', his most ambitious to date. Taking influence from his interest in cinema, and his extensive European travels, the resulting album is a stunning work of instrumental beauty. The brief but breathtaking 'Ayres' EP released again on Type Records in 2007 introduces his timid, but very comfortable and intimate vocals for the first time, and marks the addition of yet another brilliant recording to his growing body of cathartic and haunting artistry. His third album Caesura, a return back to the musical landscapes of Eingya, was released on Type in 2008. Keith has also written music for Honda, MTV, Deutsche Telekom, Audi and others, and can be heard on a number of documentaries and films such as Harmony Korine's film "Mr. Lonely". Keith is currently working on a new project with his wife, Hollie, called Mint Julep and will release their new album "Save Your Season" in 2011. Other projects are Mint Julep, Goldmund, Meadows (children's music) Kevin Kendle - ambient and new age artist HELIOS is the name under which Kevin Kendle has been writing and producing chillout music since 2002. The first project he became involved with was the "Buddha Experience" series of 5 double-CD sets of Zen chillout music. Some of the tracks produced for these CDs also appeared under name PROJECT RAINBOW. Most recently, HELIOS has produced and mixed a fresh new compilation, Paradise Chillout, for the Paradise Music label. It contains 4 HELIOS tracks, including a new remix of the classic "Tree Top," plus specially selected tracks from the Paradise Music range. He usually releases his music under his own name. Frank Rössel and Martin Blechschmidt: The German electronic pop band Helios was formed by Frank & Silke Rössel, Ricky Möller and Martin Blechschmidt in 1997. In 2000 they signed a contract with Strahlenland Records and released their debut album, Virtually Tempted. They performed at several dancehalls and big clubs to promote their first release. In 2003, Silke and Ricky leave the band. In 2003 Helios plays their first show abroad in France for a very enthusiastic audience. In 2005 they release their second album, Copy This Day, on Absolute Music. For samples and more info, visit www.heliosmusic.de Raphael Pepi At discogs.com as Helios (5) or Raphael Pepi. His first album is Aries Rising (July 2007). He is member of psytrance duo production Megadrop. Other info http://www.geomagnetic.tv/artists/sanfranpsychos1/helios.htm. Hélios Gonzalez This Latin singer songwriter has traveled the world over, bringing his brand of pop fusion with him wherever he set foot. Hailing from the enchanted isle of Puerto Rico, Helios is poised to take the Latin music world by storm. This BMI songwriter has collaborated with the likes of Paoli winning producer Ruben Martinez and MusicOz nominated producer Leonie Pollie, of Australia. Presently living in Miami, Helios is working closely with the award winning production team of Alfredo Cevallos and Mike Swittel. This talented tandem has worked on projects with many of the industries biggest names, some of which include Ricky Martin, Cristina Aguilera and Nestor Torres, amongst many others. Helios's work with this acclaimed duo aims to touch and inspire all those who hear it. Helios: 6) Band Helios nastao je 1990 godine u Livnu u postavi Vlatko Ojvan – vokal, Mersad Pivcic – gitara,Zdravko Vidovic – bas, Adis Zahirovic – bubanj i Darko Knezevic – gitare. Do 1992 snimaju demo sa 5 pjesama uz promjenu na bas gitari gdje dolazi Dario Vrdoljak-Cokan.1994 snimaju svoj drugi demo uradak u Zagrebu kod Berislava Tonca nazvan ´´Zona sumraka´´ u postavi: Vlatko Ojvan – vokali, Zdravko Vidovic – bass, Katarina Bralo – Klavijatura,Dubravko Boban – bubanj i Darko knezevic – gitare. 1996 godine izdaju za ´´croatia ton´´ album prvijenac ´´Bolja vremena´´sa 10 pjesama medju kojima se tada istice pjesma ´´Necu da se sisam´´za koju snimaju i svoj prvi spot. Band sacinjavaju:Vlatko Ojvan – vokal,Zdravko Vidovic – bass,Adis Zahirovic – bubanj i Darko Knezevic – gitare.2000 snimaju novi demo uradak u postavi: Dario Kacarevic – Vokali,Mersad Pivcic – bas,Haris Jahic – bubanj,Laris Pasalic – klavijature i Darko Knezevic – gitare,te snimaju spot za ´´ugasit cu svjetla´´ u produkciji Erola Gagule,te osvajaju 2 mjesto na BHT tada najgledanijoj glazbenoj emisiji ´´BH Sound´´,sviraju po BiH sa Knock out,Irina i VI,Vatreni poljubac,Erogene zone,Skroz... 2002 snimaju spot za pjesmu´´Poslije tebe´´opet u produkciji Erola Gagule,te na ´´Bh Sound osvajaju 3.mjesto,sviraju opet po BiH,sa Negative,KUD Idijoti...a odrzavaju i svoj prvi samostalni koncert u Sarajevu u klubu ´´Sloga´´ 2005 izdaju album ´´Drugi svijet´´ za BiH trziste izdavacka kuca´´Song zelex´´ u postavi: Darko Knezevic – Gitare,vokali,Tonci Trboglav – klavijature,Mirko Knez – bas,Faris Milak – bubanj te Iva Ivkovic kao back vokal (Sto je veoma bitno za dalji rad Heliosa u vokalnom smislu) Snimaju i spot za pjesmu ´´Drugi svijet´´,opet Erol Gagula kao redatelj spota. 2010 godina i ulaze u studio u potpuno promjenejnom pogledu na buduci rad banda! Snimaju album ´´...do kraja vremena´´. Najvaznja stvar koja se desila bandu su Iva Ivkovic na vokalu i Nikola Dzaja na bubnjevima i produkciji i mixu,koji unose nove korake u bandu. 2011 zavrsavanje albuma u postavi:Iva Ivkovic – vokali,Nikola Dzaja – bubnjevi,Goran Mihaljevic – bas,Tonci Trboglav – gitara,Josip Gunjaca – klavijature i Darko Knezevic – gitare................ Uskoro izdaju singl za Cro rec........ Joey Skarzenski An undergraduate student studying political science and the Classics at UCLA. He has been an amateur DJ for the past three years and has recently begun producing with minimal remixes and reworks. His favorite genres include nu-disco, indie dance or indietronic, and anything akin to the 1980s. For work he also spins tribal and other more minimalist subgenres of house. Some of his work is available at: http://soundcloud.com/iamhelios/ Read more on Last.fm.

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