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Herrmann & Kleine was a duo that formed circa 1997 and featured veteran DJ Christian Kleine and City Centre Offices label manager, Thaddi Herrmann. In addition to releasing two EP recordings, transalpin EP and kickboardgirl EP, the duo also provided remixes to tracks by various notable bands, including His Name Is Alive and Bomb the Bass. They also shared stages with the likes of Lali Puna. Their sole full-length recording Our Noise saw release on April 2, 2002 via the Morr Music label. Although not releasing any more material, the duo didn't officially break up until 2005. Morr Music founder Thomas Morr named Herrmann & Kleine's genre "plinkerpop". Today Herrmann, apart from continuing to be City Centre Offices label manager, edits the magazine de:bug, the leading german music magazine for electronica and post-rock. Read more on Last.fm.

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