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June of 44 was an American rock band from Louisville, Kentucky which was formed in 1994 from ex-members of Rodan, Lungfish, Codeine and Hoover (Sean Meadows had yet to participate in the Lungfish music band by 1994; his first album with them was actually in 1996). Clearly influenced by Slint, the band's music is often described as post-rock. June of 44 released their work on Quarter Stick with the exception of Fish 6. June of 44 split up in 2000. Members: Fred Erskine Sean Meadows Jeff Mueller Doug Scharin Albums: Engine Takes to the Water (1995) Tropics and Meridians (1996) The Anatomy of Sharks (1996) Four Great Points (1998) Anahata (1999) Fish 6 (1999) Read more on Last.fm.

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