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There are at least four bands named "Kitchen": 1. Kitchen is a lo-fi bedroom project by James Keegan (formerly "the loner(s)"). Based out of Rochester NY., Kitchen is often joined by a rotating group of supporting musicians. Support at https://okwhatever.bandcamp.com/ 2. A live Trip-Hop / D'n'B / Ambient Band from Basle, Switzerland found in 2002, combining dark and atmospheric synthesizers with a live band. With their first official release "Bones & Criminals" , they started to collaborate with the string-ensemble "Holy Strings" and shifted their sound from eerie, rough & dark soundscapes to sweeter, more liquid and melancholic spheres. They work with elaborate visuals during their performances and made a reputation as one of the most innovative and imaginative local bands with a strong emphasis on live performances. There is also a unnamed live album which never got released oficially but enjoys cult status among their listeners. 3. In 1996, after hearing the classic lo-fi album The Freed Weed by Sebadoh, Wannes Eggermont and Steven Heyse formed the musical duo Kitchen. During their first rehearsal they immediately wrote and recorded 12 songs. In the years afterwards tons of others would follow. The music of Kitchen is simple and melodic, the lyrics full of teenage dreams and painful grammar mistakes. One mic and a crappy tape deck was all the duo needed to record their music. After buying a Tascam 4 track recorder Kitchen started to sound more like a real band. Fokar filled in on bass for a couple of songs and Wannes was finally able to play both rythm and solo guitar. At that time Kitchen did their only gig ever at a friend's barbecue. Because of school duties Kitchen split up somewhere in 1999. Nowadays Wannes is the singer of Rye Jehu. Steven played drums in a band called Nestor for several years and is now active under the moniker Steven H. 4. Kitchen is a post/prog rock band from Brantford, Ontario, Canada. Formed May/June 2012. Check out their stuffs at >> http://kitchennn.bandcamp.com/ Read more on Last.fm.

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