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Klima is the musical alias of velveteen-voiced Angèle David-Guillou. The Anglophone French chanteuse released her second album "Serenades & Serinettes" on the Second Language label in November 2010. Her eponymous 2007 debut album for Peacefrog attracted serious encomium on both sides of La Manche - The Times placing it in the Top 5 of their 2007 ‘Records of the Year (New Acts)’ review. Angèle is also known for her vocal contributions to some of Piano Magic’s best songs: ‘Incurable’, ‘Comets’ and ‘Disaffected’, to name but a few. "Serenades & Serinettes" A long-time London resident, Angèle recorded her new album "Serenades & Serinettes" at home and at a clandestine Spitalfields studio - an Aladdin’s cave of vintage analogue machines and instrumental arcana housed in the basement of a ukulele shop. She played most of the album’s myriad instruments herself, everything from guitar, piano, Fender Rhodes and Hammond organ to orchestral glockenspiel, Moog, dulcimer and hand bells. She is assisted by Ellis Island Sound’s David Sheppard and Piano Magic’s Glen Johnson and Jerome Tcherneyan, among others. Inspired by the symphonic-meets-childlike magic of Moondog and Carl Orff, Klima’s new songs find Angèle’s captivating vocals and disarmingly ingenuous lyrics adorning a rich, glittering lattice of analogue and electronic sounds. Hers’ is an idiosyncratic and enticingly sensuous universe; intimate, personal but equally loaded with vertiginous melodic hooks. Collaborations Angèle has been a collaborator of Piano Magic since their EP "I Came to Your Party Dressed as a Shadow" (2001). She appears on most of their following releases: “Son de Mar” (2002), “Writers Without Homes” (2002), “Speed the Road, Rush the Lights, EP” (2003), “The Troubled Sleep Of…” (2003), “Opencast Heart, EP” (2004) “Disaffected” (2005), “Incurable, EP” (2006), "Part Monster" (2007), "Dark Horses EP", (2008), "Ovations" (2009) and "Home Recordings" (2010). She is also a regular member of the band's live set-up, singing and playing keyboard for them. Angèle has also contributed to Piano Magic Glen Johnson's various solo opuses: Textile Ranch "Bird Heart In Wool", (2005) and "The Rest I Leave to the Poor" (2008); Future Conditional "We Don't Just Disappear" (2008) and Glen Johnson "Details Not Recorded" (2009) and "Institutionalised" (2009) Other collaborations include The Go-Team "Rolling Blackouts" (2011), Architeq "Gold+Green" (2009), Hubert Felix Thieffaine “Scandale Melancolique” (2005), Angèle also sang with the French band Ginger Ale for their albums "Laid Back Galerie" (2002) and "Daggers Drawn" (2006). Their cover of Siouxsie & The Banshees’ ‘Happy House’ was a club hit in Paris and London (with popular remixes by Dexter and Antoine de Crécy). http://www.myspace.com/contactklima http://www.facebook.com/pages/Klima/137849876267115 Praise for Klima “A debut all fans of Cocteau Twins, early Björk, Nina Persson or the Knife should buy, if they haven't already. Her introspective, confessional songs have a magical, haunting quality." The Times (Top 5 Records of the Year [New Acts] 2007) “Her Richard Brautigan-indebted lyrics are intriguing reveries of candle-lit intimacy. When they unite with the poignant, open-hearted melodies of The City or The Lady Of The Lake, the effect is truly beguiling” MOJO **** “A scandalously sensual union of dream-like electronica, acoustic and cinematic sounds” Les Inrockuptibles “Her eponymous debut album thrums with haunting atmospherics, strange textures… part chamber pop, part sepulchral electronica, sprinkled with beautiful vocals…” The Times (‘Breaking Act’) Read more on Last.fm.

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