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Lampshade has been in existence since 2000 and has released numerous singles and EP’s, taken part in the concept release 3P (three EP’s released as an album in a digi-pack) and about 15 compilations internationally. The breakthrough single ’Adorable Void?’ was released in 2001 and made way for a long line of concerts and festivals in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and The Netherlands and for airplay in Danish national TV and radio. In 2003 Lampshade released the debut album ’Because Trees Can Fly’ in Denmark and the year after the band signed with Glitterhouse Records after a show that amazed the label’s President and A&R at a concert in Germany, and the album was released in the rest of Europe with great success. Furthermore the album was released in a limited vinyl edition by the Dutch label Either/Or. In large parts of Europe - both in and outside the 9 countries the band has been touring in – Lampshade has achieved fine airplay and good press. E.g. ’Because Trees Can Fly’ was Album of the Week in Belfast Telegraph and in the German music magazine Visions, while the single from the album has been played in BBC 6, UK and a lot in France. With Let's Away they released their second full-length Album 2006 and started touring through Europe in February of that year.The Band disbanded in 2009. Read more on Last.fm.

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