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Lanterna is a musical project led by guitarist Henry Frayne, formerly of The Moon Seven Times and Area. Their tracks are evocative soundscapes, usually instrumental, that focus on Frayne's melodic guitar work awash in effects. First released as a side project to The Moon Seven Times, Lanterna was a collaboration between Frayne, drummer Brendan Gamble, vocalist Lynn Canfield, James Dobson, Matt Hurt and Brendan Korb. The first collection of songs appeared as a 22 track Limited Edition Boxed Cassette with a photo booklet in 1992. This boxed edition was limited to 400 numbered copies. Some of these tracks reappeared the next year on the vinyl-only, Elfish label release Of Shapes That Haunt Thought's Wilderness. Seventeen of the boxed edition tracks were re-issued on both Parasol and Rykodisc in 1995 and 1998, respectively. The Rykodisc version led off with the song "Silent Hills." The track later appeared on the first disc of National Public Radio's "All Songs Considered" CD series, which collected songs used as interstitial music during All Things Considered. Four albums followed on Badman and it's instrumental subsidiary Jemez Mountain. Songs B minor, Brightness, Down By The Seine and Fog have appeared in films, commercials and television shows such as CSI. A live version of Clear Blue from Highways appears on Livingroom Concerts Volume 10 from the US radio show Echoes. Lanterna is still active performing (mostly in Italy and Greece) and recording new material for 2011 releases. Discography: - Limited Edition Boxed cassete (Frayne Productions, 1992) - Of Shapes That Haunt Thought's Wilderness (Elfish, 1993) - Lanterna (Parasol, 1995) - Scenic/Lanterna Live (split EP with Scenic, Parasol, 1998) - Lanterna (Rykodisc, 1998) - Elm Street (Badman, 2001) - Sands (Badman, 2002) - Highways (Badman, 2004) - Desert Ocean (Jemez Mountain, 2006) - Backyards (Badman, 2015) See also: Lanterna on MySpace Lanterna's page at Badman Records Read more on Last.fm.

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