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There are at least four bands named Lincoln: 1. Lincoln was an Emo/Hardcore band of the early 1990s hailing from Morgantown, WV. Members: Jay Demko - guitar/vocals (Also played/plays in One, Glendale, Junction, Enderhall, kukim, On, World Be Free, etc) John Herod - guitar (Also played in Enderhall) Dan Ball - bass (Also played in Enderhall) Justin Wierbonski - drums (Also played in Kukim and Enderhall) Johanna Claasen - bass (originally, also played in The Most Secret Method) Releases: Demo Cassette, (self-released) Two Headed Coin: Split 7" w/ Hoover, (1993, Art Monk Construction - AMC#1) S/T 7", known as "Watermark", (1993, Watermark) S/T 7", (1994, Art Monk Construction - AMC#7) - Lincoln's final recordings, with a slightly different Line-up. Trivia: An 8 song live show recorded on 04/03/1994 is floating around. converge even did a 'Bench Warmer' cover on their dvd. -------------------------------------------------------- 2. Lincoln was an American band playing clean and subdued alternative rock (sometimes also called "nerd rock"). Their first and only album includes some fine songs with quite witty and deep lyrics. They played as supporting act for Marcy Playground. The band broke up in 1998, after guitarist Dan Miller quit just before a gig in Atlanta GA. Members: Chris Temple - vocals, guitar, keyboards Dan Miller - guitar, keyboards Gonzalo Martinez - drums, backing vocals Danny Weinkauf - bass Releases: Lincoln - Polygram (1997) Trivia: Danny Weinkauf and Dan Miller now play bass and guitar respectively for They Might Be Giants. Drummer Gonzalo "Gonz" Martinez later joined Marcy Playground when their drummer Dan Rieser quit. -------------------------------------------------------- 3. Lincoln was a British indie band from Stoke Newington in London with alt-country influences. They were active between 2000 and 2002, releasing two mini-albums: 'Barcelona' (2000) and 'Kibokin' (2001), a full-lengh album 'Mettle' (2002) and the 'New Partner' EP (also 2002). The latter included a cover of the Bonnie 'Prince' Billy song of the same name. Members: Alex Gordon (vocals, guitar, trumpet) Tracy van Daal (vocals) David Hannam (guitar, harmonium) Jim Friedlander (bass and trumpet) Matt Dowse (trombone, Fender Rhodes) Crum Hall (Drums) -------------------------------------------------------- 4. Lincoln is an indie pop/britpop band from Nyíregyháza, Hungary. Members: tomi - bass pista - keyboards robi - drums tamás - guitar gabi - guitar, vocals Read more on Last.fm.

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