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Loney, dear used to be the moniker of multi-instrumentalist and home-recording phenomenon, Emil Svanängen from Jönköping, Sweden. Svanängen slightly changed his artist's name in 2009, skipping the comma in Loney, dear. He is now recording and releasing music as Loney Dear. Both names exist on Last.fm, so (for as long as the two are not merged) please try to get this right: it differs per album! Loney, dear is the correct moniker for the following albums: The Year Of River Fontana (2003) Citadel Band (2004) Sologne (2006) Loney, Noir (2007) The Dear John (2009) and Hall Music (2011) albums were released as Loney Dear. In either his tiny Stockholm studio apartment or the basement of his parents' house, and with a dedication bordering upon manic, Emil discreetly builds Loney, dear songs using a modest home studio set-up. The music of Loney, dear has been aptly described as "soulful indie folk with a powerful mini orchestra." Layer upon layer, adding instrumentation and vocals, these songs seem to bloom like time-lapse photography, depicting glimpsed scenes of modern disaffection and timeless yearning. When performing live, Loney, dear becomes the band Emil conjures alone in his home studio, and mutates into a full, five-member band complete with guitar, sax, drums, organ and clarinet, shouts and claps. Read more on Last.fm.

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