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LUSHES are a Brooklyn-based 2-piece that make hi-fi mood pieces with styles that change from song to song. Their music can be distinguished by guitarist/synth-man James Ardery's off-kilter vocals, the use of unusual samples (with drummer Joel Daniel Myers' SPD-S sampling pad), live looping, and an aesthetic that alternates between sparse and immersively lush. They formed in 2010 after a falling out with another band member prompted them to regroup as a new band. They teamed up with friend and fellow musician Bachelorette (aka Annabel Alpers) to record their first album, What Am I Doing, release date TBD, with styles ranging from minimalist to krautrock to sludge metal, always with an eye for mapping out new moods with each track. Alpers produced the album, and engineer Adam Cooke, whose previous album work includes albums by Beach House and Double Dagger, mixed the album, and the whole thing was finished on a very low budget with the help of friends in the scene. While LUSHES are arranging details to release their first album, they are hard at work writing material for their second album. Read more on Last.fm.

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