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There are at least four known artists under the stage name "Me". 1) ME is Dutch musician, singer/songwriter, label owner and music entepreneur, minco eggersman, lead singer of At the close of every day, drummer in The Spirit That Guides Us, but also releasing solo work, as minco eggersman and as 'ME'. 2) "Me" is the musical alter-ego of Japanese pop-rock singer misono (born Koda Misono on October 13, 1984 in Kyoto, Japan). She made her first appearance as a guest vocalist on the band BACK-ON's 2011 single, "with you". Her debut solo single, "HO-N-TO-U-SO / SU-KI-RA-I" (ホ・ン・ト・ウ・ソ/ス・キ・ラ・イ) was released in November 2011. 3) [ ME ] http://meband.com/ An Australian band that have only emerged in the music scene quite recently. They've released their single "Westward Backwards" in July 2009, "Like a Fox" in June 2011 and "Naked" in January 2012. Their debut EP titled "Another Story High" was released on the 5th of March 2012. 4) ME (Indonesian boy band).

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