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There are at least two artists with the name Moose: 1. A British indie rock band 2. An American lo-fi band 3. An independent, Las Vegas-based hip-hop musician 1) Moose were a British indie rock band who formed in London in 1990. While tagged as the original shoegazer band, and certainly their earliest singles were, they evolved into something distinctly their own - a woozy, lush and orchestral brand of pop. Moose released two EPs on Hut Records. Within the next few years the band would release two more full-length albums on Play It Again Sam. Despite a strong critical response, Moose’s albums continued to sell few copies. Following the release of their third album, Live a Little Love a Lot, Moose took an extended break from music only to return five years later with the release of High Ball Me! in 2000. The band broke up soon after. 2) Moose (US) is an incredibly lo-fi noise rock band from Lawndale, CA. Download the demo at: http://mooseband.bandcamp.com/ 3. MOOSE is an independent, Las Vegas-based emcee/producer and member of 2NAIC3 crew. he has countless albums and eps (most for free with an option to pay a cheap price) on his bandcamp. his website below lists all of his contact links and music. http://moosethecoolest.com/ Read more on Last.fm.

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