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BIO Created by brothers and activists Nicolas and Fabrice Laureau, NLF3 formed in 2000 in Paris*. This three piece at the forefront of Paris innovative scene cultivates an instrumental rock form. Their music is cyclical, textured, halfway between movie scores and psychedelic transgression. The band cites influences such as Alice Coltrane, Fela Kuti, This Heat, Can and the early Sonic Youth while mixing a lot of electronics together with a wide variety of instruments : amplified kalimba, electric guitars and bass, drums, percussions, vocals. They share a pool of principles and constructions with their cousins Battles or Animal Collective, merging grooves and improvisatory trimmings, making a playful exploration of junked instruments. The mix of live and looped elements spreads and shunts sounds across an extreme stereo field. After two albums, "Part1-Part2" in 2000 and "Viva !" in 2003, their dazzling accompaniment of Eisenstein's masterpiece "Que Viva Mexico!" has traveled all around the world, NLF3 performed outstanding shows in Mexico, Japan and Europe. Fabrice Laureau has recorded and produced all NLF3's material and has also recorded albums for Dirty Three, Yann Tiersen, Shannon Wright, among others. While "Viva !" visual was designed by Gaspard Augé from famous french duo Justice, the "Echotropic" artwork has been created by Japanese drawer Yu Mastuoka, reflecting their new EP's sensuality and psychedelic flavors. *Brothers Laureau grew up in between the former USSR, Germany, USA, and France - a fact which influenced their diverse passion for music. With their first band ,Prohibition, they released five albums between 1992 and 1999 and extensively toured Europe and USA, playing shows with Fugazi, Blonde Rehead, Tarwater, BlackHeart Procession, David Grubbs and many others. They also created their own label, Prohibited in 1995. Read more on Last.fm.

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