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01-12-2002 01-12-2002 1 1
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Napoli is Not Nepal is run by Hendryk "Martin" Bayrhoffer from Cologne, Germany. After leaving the hardcore scene, in 2002 Martin started mixing electronica with a traditional style of music. Now his genre is best captured by idm, electronic and downtempo. His music’s main feature is the combination of technical sounds with traditional music, creating a fresh and innovative style. His debut album Revolv_er by record label Shitkatapult combines fragments of jazz music with clicker sounds. His myspace describes his style as "electronic monotony combined with aesthetic organics and quite a good portion of nihilism". In march 2009 his second album "Boredom Is Always Counterrevolutionary" will be released under the Onitor label. Aside from a few compilation appearances, Martin had all but buried the Napoli moniker. With the upcoming album Martin has crafted yet another glitch pop album that weaves its magic instrumentally. Recalling the early efforts of Apparat or an avant-garde Postal Service, Martin's music is made for chill Sunday afternoons and deep headphone listening that is a far cry from his professed hardcore punk upbringing.

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