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National Skyline was a band formed in Champaign-Urbana, IL, by Jeff Dimpsey of Hum to perform a 45-minute long song he had written. In 1999, Dimpsey and vocalist/guitarist Jeff Garber (Castor) released their self-titled mini-LP on Parasol Records. A live tour that consisted only of Garber, Blacklist/Compound Red guitarist James Minor, re-worked electronic tracks and a blinding, strobe-heavy light show followed. The band promptly signed to Philadelphia's File 13, but not before contributing an early demo called "Eurorak" to the Parasol Records' Sweet Sixteen, Volume 2 compilation. Upon tour's end, Dimpsey and Garber quickly recorded and released their Exit Now EP. Minor was made an official member, and the three convened later that year to write and record their full-length debut, This = Everything. Garber jumped ship shortly after the record's release, moving to Los Angeles to join the short lived Year Of The Rabbit. In 2006, Garber leaked information about a new project on the group's MySpace account, without involvement from Dimpsey or Minor, including the new track "Pack Up," and launched the group's homepage - a Byzantine series of clipart images in a Flash animation ending with the eagle logo and the words "FAUX EVIL." In early 2007, Garber posted two new songs and a blog entry on the group's myspace page indicating that a new National Skyline record would be forthcoming. Read more on Last.fm.

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