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In 2004, singer-songwriter Nyles Lannon released the dreamy, electronic-infused folk album Chemical Friends. At the time, Lannon was mostly focused on his other band Film School (Beggars) and his solo work took a backseat. But as the reviews started coming in, it was clear Lannon was on to something special. Chemical Friends was touted as a 'folktronic' masterpiece and one of the best albums of 2004. Fast forward to 2007. Lannon has moved on from Film School and his second solo album, Pressure, arrives Sept 18th. After three years, the wait is finally over! Fans will be happy to hear the same immediacy in his songs but will find Pressure ups the ante with more song styles, greater complexity, and depth. Adding layers of organic percussion and analog sounds to his electronic and folky arrangements, Lannon has pushed into new territory and brought us with him. Read more on Last.fm.

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