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“I call my music ‘Human Random…’ it’s electronic music with a feeling and emotions. Whether they’re good, bad, hard or soft, music is full of emotions for me.” – Belgian Electronic musician/composer Petersonic In a seventh-floor Belgium recording, Electronic Music impresario Peter Baert – better known as Petersonic – creates what he calls “Electronic music with a heart.” Petersonic calls his music “Human Random.” The soundscapes he creates in his studio are the exact opposite of the ‘perfect music’ he hears too much of in popular culture. With an array of sounds along with performances by himself and other contributing musicians, Petersonic’s music is a collage technique where he cuts up, modifies, arranges and re-samples sounds and samples to forge his ‘difficult but original’ music. Peter grew up in a family where music was not only present, it was pre-destined in their genes. His father is an organist and musician and was the principal of a musical college. As a child growing up in the coastal town of Knokke, Belgium, Peter’s first musical explorations involved drumming and “fooling around with my father’s Juno 60 synthesizer.” Peter’s three sisters are also gifted musically, and it seems like a natural fit for Peter to have followed music as a career choice. Petersonic’s first full-length recording was 2005’s Touch #6, a proud accomplishment for Peter, but not as personal and meaningful to him as the songs on his upcoming sophomore release, This Way. “The general feel of this cd is a story of life and coping with the changes in life,” Peter says. The changes Peter refers to involved his mother’s cancer diagnosis in January, 2008. On the 17th of that month, she learned her cancer was terminal. “I had some basic rough tracks ready then, and by the time she started her chemo therapy, I promised her I’d finish the album before she died.” Before the last time she was in the hospital, Peter had finished mastering the tracks in Berlin. By that point, his mother was unable to consciously listen to the finished music. Peter’s brother-in-law played the cd for her as they made their last trip from Leuven to Knokke, her hometown. She passed away a short time later. At her funeral, Peter played “Avant que tu ne partes” – a song he’d written for her, which translates to “Before you go.” “I don't know if she heard it or if she was able to understand it, but I kept my promise to her,” he says softly. “The album was finished before she died.” He says it wasn’t planned to come out the way it did, but This Way stands as a musical piece that seems to be made in honor of someone the listener was going to lose, whether it’s a parent, a lover someone else you care about. The title track to his second release certainly confirms for him that This Way is indeed a deeply personal tribute album of sorts. “That song,” and the entire cd, he continues, “Says, ‘Come this way. Come into the party of my life. Come into the sound of me.” Read more on Last.fm.

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