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Papercuts is a name of at least two acts: [1] A U.S. indie pop project [2] A German goth rock / industrial rock act [1] A U.S. indie pop project centered around San Francisco songwriter / producer Jason Robert Quever, which d├ębuted with Mockingbird (2004, Antenna Farm). The band's next two albums were Can't Go Back (2007, Gnomonsong) and You Can Have What You Want (2009, Gnomonsong). In 2010, they signed to Sub Pop, then released Fading Parade (2011). Quever is the band's only consistent member, early on playing with whoever of his friends were available. Bay area artist/filmmaker Davis Enos has been the longest standing collaborator (keys), while Frankie Koeller (bass) and Graham Hill (drums) have been regular members of the group since 2008, when the band started touring more regularly. Quever was born in Arcata, CA, and brought up in a commune. Later he lived in various places until settling in San Francisco. He began making home recordings after buying a four-track recording desk at the age of 15, and his first work as an engineer/producer was on Cass McCombs' Not the Way EP in 2002. Sites: Wikipedia and Discogs [2] A German goth rock / industrial rock act (sometimes stylised PaPerCuts), which has released EPs including: Until It Bleeds EP (Jan 2012, self-release) and Soulsick (Jan 2012, self-release), as well as the single Disbelief (Sep 2012, afmusic). Sites: Discogs and MusicBrainz Read more on Last.fm.

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