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Pellumair are Jaymie Caplen (vocals, acoustic guitar) and Tom Stanton (vocals, electric guitar), from Southampton. The pair met in 1997 through a mutual friend and his effort to put together a band. Whilst they connected, sharing a love of Galaxie 500, Sonic Youth and Low, they realized the outfit was offering them little. They left, forming Sweet Home with a third member providing processed beats and synths. This second band, who offered vocalless sonic numbers, again proved to be a short lived affair and split after only several live performances. Jaymie and Tom moved in different musical directions over the next few years, Tom continuing with Sweet Home, the band renaming itself the Dais Corporation and moving in a more electronica-rock direction, Jaymie working on more traditional acoustic based tunes. In the summer of 2003 the pair had an unplanned, unsober jam, both offering their works in progress and recording the results. The playback pleasantly surprised them. The jams became more regular, the songs grew in number, and Pellumair was formed. The initial tracks, recorded with only two guitars and two voices, established the formula the duo still follows; the simplicity of the set up allows for a more delicate, direct and distinctive sound. A demo made its way to Rough Trade records, who signed the duo to the Tugboat imprint in the summer of 2004. The resulting album, Summer Storm, was sadly overshadowed by the groups split in late 2005. Their music is full of heady, swirling melodies recalling the vintage harmonies of simon & garfunkel and the subliminal vocal wash of MBV, all of which combine to give them a unique, haunting and endearing sound. Read more on Last.fm.

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