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The indie rock band Rainer Maria was formed in 1995 in Madison, WI. They're known for their poetic lyrics and resounding metaphors. The trio consisted of Caithlin De Marrais (vocals/bass), Kyle Fischer (vocals/guitars) and William Kuehn (drums). The lineup didn't change during their eleven-year career. The three recorded a 6 track demo tape, and then their first EP, Rainer Maria in 1996, followed by their first studio album Past Worn Searching in 97. Two years later, they released Look Now, Look Again, followed by A Better Version of Me in 2001. Their biggest album, Long Knives Drawn was released in 2003, containing their first mainstream single, Ears Ring. They released a live album/DVD in 04, Anyone In Love With You (Already Knows). Their new album, Catastrophe Keeps Us Together was released April 4, 2006, on Grunion Records. The single for 'Catastrophe Keeps Us Together', 'Catastrophe' has received decent airplay, and the video (guest director Claire Carre) saw a nomination for an award on MTV. The album itself has received mixed ratings from critics and fans alike, claiming 'Catastrophe' to be a step in the wrong direction for r|m. Still some acclaim has been critical for the band, even scoring them a lightbox outside of the Tower Records in NY. After playing three shows in December of 2006, one in Philadelphia, and two in New York City, the band officially parted ways. As of August, 2008 Caithlin is putting the finishing touches on her first solo record, My Magic City. According to her myspace, fall tour dates are TBA. Kyle Fischer completed a new solo album in 2008. It is available at endup.org.

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