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Chadwick "Chad" Bidwell, David "Dee" Kesler and Jason Gonzales form a SF, CA based indie rock band - Ral Partha Vogelbacher. Along with Chavo Fraser, Kesler and Gonzales form the recently Anticon collective/label signed band - Thee More Shallows. Bidwell is the vocalist and songwriter of RPV, but Kesler (the vocalist and songwriter of TMS) contributes to Bidwell's songs by nurturing him with ideas in every aspect of songwriting. Bidwell is the founder and owner of an indie label called Megalon Records, which has amongst others, released the first Thee More Shallows album and 3 Ral Partha records. Both TMS and RPV had later signed to Monotreme Records. And as from 2007, TMS have been officially made a part of the Anticon collective. In a RPV interview for the SF Guardian, Kesler stated: "We all collectively have a desire to make music that's more aggressive", which was displayed in the switch from the more tale-telleresque folkish slow-fi the More Nice Fey Elven Gnomes are Hiding in my Toilet Again and the slightly wierder Kite vs. Obelisk to the fuzzy-rock-popped Shrill Falcons in 2006. MySpace page RPV on Monotreme Megalon website Read more on Last.fm.

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