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Rebekka Karijord was born in 1976, in Northern Norway (Lofoten). She lived with her mother during her whole childhood. She moved to new places 17 times before she had her 18.th birthday. Both her parents are artists. Rebekka went to several musical/performance educations such as the Norwegian Musical Theatre, Academy of ballet and she also went to the Royal Academy of Acting in Stockholm. She has a Swedish family and after four years living in Stockholm she feels she has two homes, one in Sweden & one in Norway. During her Theatre education she did a musical-dramatic monologue named "Rebekkas Saga", which contained of Bows, Percussion complemented with her music and text. This performance was performed 30 times in Oslo and in Stockholm. The performance became very successful and will be released as a drama-book in Aprii 2004 through Damm Publishing. Rebekka composed her first song when she was 3 years old, recorded her first demo with her own songs when she was 8 years old. She also learned how to play piano and the violin during her whole growth. She started composing English songs when she was 12 years old and contributed with her talent to Children's records and NRK (Norwegian TV) as vocalist, songwriter and actress during her whole growth. When she was 17 years old she was contracted to a major record company, but left out as they tried to control her artistic visions. She immediately procured her own computer to start composing digitally, on her own. She loves her computer, with her own words "I would claim I have a intimate relationship with my computer". Rebekka's music is probably inspired by Northern Norway, more specially Lofoten, where her family lives these days. Her dream would be living in Lofoten with her computers, microphones and just keep creating these beautiful tunes. Rebekka wanted her debut album to be like a substantial explosion, where she used a lot of different elements such as electronica, bows, vocals and violins and she definitely explored these to its apex. The result of this adventure became a playful, storylike, dramatic pop-based form, where the vocal expressions and the stories are well represented. The dialectics between the synthetic (computer) and the organic (Vocals) resulted in a powerful but still vulnerable strength that she loves. Rebekka never intended to only sing beautifully, she wanted to project a story with her voice. She wants people to listen to the recording and understand what she went through earlier the same day. She's fascinated by Nordic vocal-techniques, joiks in a modern wrapping. Her vision is to touch the pretension to find the real expression. She's tired of her generations' coward irony. To this date, she has released three studio albums, all under slightly different artist names: 2003: Neophyte (as Rebekka) 2005: Good or Goodbye with Peder Kjellsby (as Rebekka & The Mysterybox) 2009: The Noble Art Of Letting Go (as Rebekka Karijord) Read more on Last.fm.

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