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There are 2 bands called Reiziger: 1.) A Black Metal project from Lobith, The Netherlands. 2.) Indie cult band REIZIGER we could rant about their history hailing from the early 90's post hardcore band Kosjer D., or recently Confuse The Cat & Bronze. Their stories across Europe or about their jobs in the social sector and their deal with Stickman Records ... but no ... let's try to focus on their impact on the listener by means of a couple of statements. Reiziger touches your emotion. Easily switching from subdued melancholy to youthful enthusiasm, from restrained contemplation to razor-sharp paroxysms of anger, shifting from feather-light poptunes to a massive dead swing sound but nonetheless always keeping their specific touch. Reiziger is a band. No exasperating individualism, no freaky soloing, the whole is much more than the sum of 4 individuals. Reiziger is beyond a band. Managing to combine escapism with harsh realism! Reiziger is Reiziger. Unique in sound, unique in word, unique in style. Discography: “Don’t Bind My Hands” (EP/MCD Genet Records 1997) gen 1212 “Our Kodo” (LP/CD Genet Records 1998) gen 1220 “Bob Tilton/Reiziger Split” EP/MCD Genet Records 1998) The Kitten Becomes A Tiger” (LP/CD Genet Records 1999) gen 1228 “Grab and Nailed” (7inch/MCD Day After Records 1999) day 26 “My Favourite Everything” (LP/CD Sticksister Records 2001) sissy 014 "Kodiak Station" (LP/CD Birch&Broom/PIAS 2013) bir 001 #2: Black metal project from Lobith, the Netherlands. Released the demo "De Dromer" in 2008. Read more on Last.fm.

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