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Rhonda Harris is a Copenhagen band that debuted in 1995 with an eponymous album. The band's main anchor is Nikolaj Nørlund with the band being the outlet for Nørlund's songs written in english; his songs written in Danish are normally released in his own name. Other Rhonda Harris collaborators are Mark Robinson, Piet Breinholm Bendtsen from 18th Dye and Lise Westzynthius (ex-Luksus, now solo), Anders Christensen, Jacob Høyer, (both from the Raveonettes), Rune Keldsen from Kira and the Kindred Spirits., as well as "guest vocalists" like Aud Wilken and Claus Hempler In 2006 Rhonda Harris released the album "Tell The World We Tried" - an album with coverversions of Townes Van Zandt (1944-1997) which was released in the uk and us to critical acclaim. In 2008 came the praised "here´s the rhonda harris" Discography "Rhonda Harris" (1995) "The Trouble With Rhonda Harris" (2001) "Under The Satelite" (2003) "Tell The World We Tried" (2006) "Here´s the Rhonda Harris" Read more on Last.fm.

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