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2006 | 75 | The Problem with Me

Seam began as a three-piece in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Although Seam’s “pedigree” included Bitch Magnet and Superchunk, Seam’s reticent melodicism and subtly moving guitar washes occupy a realm quite different than the illustrious pasts of Seam’s members might suggest. Seam released their first single Days of Thunder on Homestead Records in October of 1990, and their second single Granny 9X on Merge Records in early ’92. The band released their first full-length, Headsparks, on Homestead in 1992. After a move to Chicago, Seam also moved to Touch and Go for the release of an EP and three full-length albums, the last being The Pace Is Glacial in 1998. Sooyoung Park has also played in the band Ee. Read more on Last.fm.

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