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Slaraffenland are a Copenhagen, Denmark based band. Their sound is a mixture of many different styles, including , , , , and , combined in a unique process that is half composition and half improvisation. Slaraffenland were initially formed in 2001, but their current line-up was not finalized until 2002. The band consists of Mike, Christian Taagehøj, Niklas, Bjoern, and Jeppe. Slaraffenland's debut album, the self-titled Slaraffenland, was released in February 2004. Slaraffenland was recorded in October 2003 at the Sauna Recording Studio in Copenhagen with the help and guidance of Magnus Groth. Slaraffenland's second album, a 20 minute EP entitled Jinkatawa, was released in July of 2005. This 4 track EP was recorded at the Fredrik Mellqvist and the Rumraket studios in Copenhagen. Third is the album Private Cinema released june 2007 on Rumraket and Home Tapes. Then there're an EP Sunshine (2008) and a single Meet and Greet (2009). In September 2009 the band released the third studio album We’re on Your Side (released on Rumraket in Scandinavia and Benelux and on Hometapes in the US and Europe). The album is produced with the danish producer Fridolin, who formerly worked with other danish bands like The Fashion and Moi Caprice and actually wrote/produced songs together with P.Diddy.

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