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Chantal Acda has been performing and recording under the name Sleepingdog since 2006. 'Polar Life' is her second album following her debut 'Naked in a Clean Bed' which was released on Zeal back in 2006. On both these records Chantal has worked with Adam Wiltzie (Stars of the Lid/Dead Texan). Adam has become an essential part of the music, bringing his trademark soundscapes and strings into the songs and handling production duties. Wiltzie suggested to select for 'Polar Life' only those songs in which beats are all but absent, so the subdued pureness and the unity of the atmosphere of the album go beyond the limits of New-Folk and Folktronica. The fitful climate and the fairy-like atmosphere of Iceland remains a great source of inspiration for the music of Sleepingdog. Thus the poem 'Nú hverfur sól í haf' by the Icelandic author and poet Sigurbjörn Einarsson was used as a starting point for the track 'The Sun sinks in the Sea'. For the first time a cover appears on a Sleepingdog album: 'If Only' by Sophia, a song that was already popular when sung live. The artwork on Polar Life was again done by the Greek-American media-artist Christina Vantzou. Previous to Sleepingdog, Chantal recorded under her own name to release 'Dreamy Yell' in 1999 before moving from her native Netherlands to Belgium. In 2003 her new band Chacda released 'La Sortie' and toured the UK with Lambchop. Chantal has also shared stages with the likes of Calexico, Iron & Wine, Okkervil River and Daniel Johnston.

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