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Songs are a Sydney based band (featuring members of New Zealand's post-punk wailers This Night Creeps and Ela Stiles of sisterly-duo The Said Sos) that do only simple things. From their single-syllable handle to their hand-drawn artwork to their music itself; it all has to be simple. Born in mid-2007, Songs have only been playing to the public as of this year (2008). They have signed a deal with Sydney label Popfrenzy (home to other acts such as The Gossip, Black Mountain, Jeremy Jay, The Ruby Suns and a whole bunch more) and have since played shows with Deerhunter, Beach House, Adam Green, Guy Blackman, The Lucksmiths, Clue To Kalo and a whole stack more. The group currently have a self-titled EP to their name and are soon to release a split 7" with Melbourne's very own, Love Of Diagrams. "Songs are four people who know a lot of stuff and who make music that sounds like they know a lot of stuff." - Vice Magazine "Inspired by bands like The Clean and The Go-Betweens, Songs make music that sounds like dancing around your kitchen." - Yen Magazine "An unmistakable heart. It reminds me of falling in love in other cities." - Mess & Noise Magazine "Its the musical equivalent of a spring breeze through your record collection, but with a discernible substance. Without knowing it when the Pixies wrote 'Here Comes Your Man', they were trying to be Songs." - Time Out Magazine Read more on Last.fm.

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