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South San Gabriel are an American alt-country band based in Denton, Texas. Like Centro-matic, SSG emanates from Will Johnson's immense vault of songs. While Centro-matic is best known for their bombastic, fuzz-laden rock songs and Johnson's solo recordings tend toward the sad and sparse, South San Gabriel is the outlet for Johnson's mellow, hallucinatory, and atmospheric sound. Featuring a revolving cast of players, including all the members of Centro-matic, it takes on a family and friends collective-like mentality. Often, performers meet for the first time minutes before a set, and this sort of improvisational/ communal spirit shapes the wandering nature of South San Gabriel. Though relatively unknown in the United States, South San Gabriel is a known and well-loved venture in Europe, an odd reversal of fortunes for the boys of Centro-matic. Albums to date are: Welcome, Convalescense (2003) The Carlton Chronicles (2005) Dual Haws (2008) split with Centro-matic Eyas (2010) split with Centro-matic Read more on Last.fm.

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