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There are at least 2 bands that go by the name 'The Good Ship' 1) An ensemble from Athens, Georgia, the Good Ship is composed of two librarians, a drifter/carpenter, a high school science teacher, a child prodigy and various friends & lovers. Their music is a mesmerizing array of poignant, timeless acoustic/electric anthems. Led by songwriter Robert Lomax, The Good Ship evokes a rare intimacy with its audience. Varied instrumentation and a keen sense of subtlety brings a dynamic that leaves one unavoidably thinking of the sea. 2) A "Porno Country Folk Cabaret/Smut Pirate" band from Brisbane, Australia. Drawing inspiration from fellow denizens of the deep like Nick Cave, The Decemberists and The Pogues, their pelagic folk rock charts some dark and dangerous waters, and a more mangy, cross-bred collection of influences, from gypsy to bush-band via cabaret, country and rock you’ll not hear. In the world of the Good Ship it’s the good stuff that sinks to the bottom… Their rousing live shows have seen them quickly snag a strong fan base nationally, play to packed houses along the East Coast, and share stages with the likes of Barons of Tang, Wilson Pickers, Skipping Girl Vinegar, Charles Jenkins and Mick Thomas (Weddings, Parties, Anything). Live, The Good Ship are a seething maelstrom of decadent musicality, with up to nine members on stage at any one time and a whole heap of archaic instrumentation from mandola, lagerphone, fiddle and trumpet to accordion. This sense of joy and anarchy hasn’t been lost on audiences and after only a short time, the crew have gathered a loyal following throughout Australia. They have just released their debut album “Avast! Wretched Sea”, recorded over a long hot summer with Neil Coombe (John Steel Singers, Go Betweens) and Jamie Trevaskis (Wilson Pickers, Texas Tea), and it’s a triumph of dark, sweaty, heaving beauty, featuring the Good Ship’s trademark blend of sweet melodies and debauched lyric. The success of their debut album and national touring in 2010 saw them garner spots at Woodford Folk Festival and Illawarra Folk Festival, as well as a large haul of rave reviews from around the country. Not content to be just another live act, The Good Ship embrace the theatrical, putting on large scale events that combine music with visual elements. These include: the recent successful “Murder Ballads” series at the Judith Wright Centre; “The Cannon Ball”, a pirate themed masquerade ball in Byron Bay; and “Seven Seas”, a story told through songs, orchestral pieces and visuals. Read more on Last.fm.

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