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TBHR has changed, shed its old skin, and slowly but surely reshaped its original mold. HAR NEVO is the band’s second album and became a conjuring and restless creation.  TBHR shows off many faces. Starting in the punk scene in 2004, the band’s remarkable course roller-coasted from the international underground to more public stages in and around Belgium. The band was constantly on the hunt for new impulses, either visually, graphically or musically. The new album reflects that steady, artistic evolution.  After German, Italian, Malaysian, and Japanese releases and heaps of experience on the road, TBHR’s résumé lists an impressive number of concerts. Moreover, Japan released TBHR’s first record Monologue in 2009. On top of that, the band had the honor to tour the country during November of that year. Around the same time, they contributed to the stage play Medea from the Belgian-German theatre company In Vitro. TBHR supported the piece with a rumbling and apocalyptic soundtrack. After performing in Ghent, Antwerp ,and Cologne all other plans were put on hold in order to focus on writing Monologue’s successor. The band sought the perfect person to cooperate with and eventually hit the studio with Koen Gisen (Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat, The Bony King of Nowhere, Flying Horseman) in March 2012.  Working on a record for four years is a long time. In the meantime, TBHR started collaborating with the Church of Ra collective, where they met a kindred vision and working method. During that period they played few live shows. So as not to lose focus. The hiatus was necessary and paid off in the end. HAR NEVO oozes with waiting, tiresome and disconcerting. Working patiently and endlessly towards an inevitable outburst. BHR on Bandcamp BHR on Myspace BHR on Facebook BHR on YouTube Buy TBHR albums on the Smoke & Dust Webstore Read more on Last.fm.

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