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Jaar  | ## | Album
2009 | 82 | Alas My Love
2010 | 52 | Alas My Love
2011 | 72 | Alas My Love
2012 | 59 | Alas My Love
2013 | 75 | Alas My Love
2014 | 97 | Alas My Love
2021 | 100 | Silent Days
The Bony King of Nowhere is the project of composer Bram Vanparys and singer-songwriter from Ghent, Belgium. Between 2009 and 2012, Vanparys released three albums as The Bony King Of Nowhere: Alas My Love (2009), Eleonore (2011) and The Bony King Of Nowhere. In 2015 he re-surfaced with a fourth album under the moniker Bony King. His honest music, characterized above all by Bram’s distinctive voice, claims your heart straight away. Songs are built on melodic backing vocals, guitars and sound layers, as well as the frequent use of unconventional percussion inspired by the Brazilian Tropicália Movement from the 1960s. His lyrics are often theatrical: the virgin Mary addressed by a dying man exalting death from his deathbed (“Maria”), the sunset pictured in a puppet’s world (“The Sunset”), the concept of despair painfully anatomized in the schizophrenia theme from the closing song “My Invasions”. Not your usual love-theme singer, that's for sure. The universal, yet very wayward character of Bram’s music already perplexed both media and public in his own country, but also evoked international response. After his demo got selected in The Wire Magazine’s “Domino Festival” compilation, Bram immediately got called by Kieran Hebden (aka Fourtet), asking him if he could include some songs in the soundtrack of a film he’s working on (“Boy Meets Girl”, Wildebeest Productions, New York). Also, Devendra Banhart sang Bram’s praises in a personal letter after hearing the demo. And, last but not least, Jon Kelly (Paul McCartney, Kate Bush,...) expressed his interest in mixing the first album of The Bony King Of Nowhere, which was produced by European cultproducer Koen Gisen (An Pierlé&White Velvet) in his weird 1960’s studio. Read more on Last.fm.

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