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THE ROOTS OF ORCHIS are a group of musicians who are a few steps ahead of the pack. While most of their high school friends were twiddling around with hardcore punk music in the mid-90s, they were experimenting with drum machines, synthesizers and multiple basses. What began as the desire to make "weird" music without vocals, turned into an exciting new band. While their early influences are fairly obvious (jazz, dub, early post-rock), they have quickly developed into a group that has a sound of their own, one which continues to evolve with each progressive release. THE ROOTS OF ORCHIS have been playing together in various forms since 1997 and only recently (June 2002) graduated from college. They are now ready to make music their first commitment and to travel as much as possible while writing/recording in the downtime. They have completed two full US tours as well as countless trips up the West Coast and into Canada. THE ROOTS OF ORCHIS have shared a stage with the likes of Modest Mouse, Blackheart Procession, Pinback, Liars, the Rapture and Tristeza among others. Their third album, Some Things Plural, was recorded with prominent engineer Rafter Roberts, and was released in February 2002. THE ROOTS OF ORCHIS have definitely come up with their most mature album. Some Things Plural is a combination of beautiful electronic sounds and live instrumentation. They use turntables, analog synths, drum programming and samples, along with jazz-inspired drums, multiple basses, and minimal guitars, breaching the boundaries between avant rock, instrumental hip-hop, and IDM. taken from slowdance.com Read more on Last.fm.

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