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17-10-2004 24-10-2004 2 1
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Tonetraeger Their name ('sound carrier' in German) suggests serious, intellectual electronica. But that's some way from the truth. These two Düsseldorf based musicians have a deftness of touch and a wry smile that lifts their music out of their contemporary local scene into more pop realms. They have perfected a sound that is at times anthemic, frequently emotionally engaging, and both sublime and heartwarming. More importantly, some might say, it shows that they are able to arch their eyebrows at contemporary electronica etiquette and inject their music with a sense of humour and wit, though this never overshadows the sentiments buried within. Instead it's ingenious, natural and knowing. TONETRAEGER have already been commissioned to write music for commercials by established big agencies, sometimes under the name REKORDER. Their playful melodies and their ability to work with both vocal tunes and instrumentals are furthered by their skilful production work, which embraces contemporary technology and infuses it with flavours of Phil Spector's Wall Of Sound and traditional band formats (for which, on their This Is Not Here album, they worked with Kreidler's drummer Thomas Klein and Tarwater's Bernd Jestram.)

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