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Trespassers William were an American west-coast dream-pop/shoegaze band. After many incarnations of the band, the duo of Matt Brown and Anna-Lynne Williams, who founded the project over 15(1997) years ago in Orange County, CA, continued to craft the sound of Trespassers William in Seattle, WA. Their experimental shoegaze music has been featured in numerous films and television programs, and they have toured Europe and the United States extensively. The band released four albums during their career: Anchor (1999), Different Stars (2002), Having (2006) and Cast (2012). They also released two EPs: Noble House (2007) and The Natural Order of Things (2009). During the latter part of the band's career, Matt began releasing solo albums under the name Disinterested, whilst Anna-Lynne began a solo career under the pseudonym Lotte Kestner. The band disbanded at the beginning of 2012. To learn more read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trespassers_William Read more on Last.fm.

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