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Chantal Acda (Sleepingdog, Chacda) and Craig Ward (The Love Substitutes, iH8 Camera,A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen, ex-dEUS and Kiss My Jazz) first met onboard an aeroplane bound for Glasgow. Later that evening they performed together onstage which speaks volumes about the spontaneous and intuitive character of the pair, who felt from the beginning that there was something unique in the air whenever they picked up their acoustic guitars. Two sensitive souls who, automatically and without planning, started writing songs together, acoustic and pure. Whether in a farmhouse attic in Hoegaarden, a bedroom in Portland, Oregon, or a studio in Mechelen, the songs kept coming. It was apparent, during recording sessions and live shows, that something special was happening - songs would emerge direct and unpolished from the heart, as True Bypass. Their self titled debut was released October 4th, 2010 on CD digipack and download in the UK and Benelux by Jezus Factory. (Distributed by Bertus and Shellshock). Read more on Last.fm.

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