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Wheat is an indie rock group consisting of Scott Levesque and Brendan Harney hailing from Taunton, Massachusetts. Wheat also formerly included Ricky Brennan Jr. (1996-2004), who contributed to the band's first three albums. Their debut album "Medeiros", released in 1998 on Sugar Free records, was recorded by Dave Auchenbach and mixed by Red Red Meat's Brian Deck. Their second Sugar Free album, 1999's "Hope And Adams" which was co-produced by Dave Fridmann. The group left Sugar Free for Nude Records in 2000, but the label went out of business due to lack of funding, and no album was released. Some of the songs recorded for the unreleased Nude album would survive as "Naked" versions on the "Too Much Time" compilation. Despite this setback the band continued writing and was signed to Columbia records and released "Per Second, Per Second, Per Second, Every Second" in 2003. Wheat's mini-album, "that's exactly what i wanted... exactly that", available through empyrean records, and their fourth record "Everyday I Said A Prayer For Kathy And Made A One Inch Square," were both released in 2007. Their fifth full-length album, "White Ink, Black Ink," was released in July of 2009. Former member Ricky Brennan Jr. released an EP with the band Duresse in 2005 entitled 'Elate', and as of late 2011is working on completing a full-length solo album. Read more on Last.fm.

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