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Windmill is Matthew Thomas Dillon, a wide eyed but insular songwriter fueled by imagination and displacement anxiety. Raised in the dense suburbs of a small English town, Dillon came to writing music in his late teens. A four track and a piano were the catalyst for dozens of homemade epics that never left the bedroom. It was some 8 years later that a demo tape finally graced the online community. Dillon's debut record "Puddle City Racing Lights' was initially released in May of 2007 and was critically cherished. Often compared to some of the greats of 90's American indie but also rightly recognized as being uncompromisingly individual. Windmill's second album, "Epcot Starfields", was released 2009. "An exquisite and imaginative London talent, Windmill combines star-gazing and shoe-gazing without a hint of mediocre middle ground..." - BBC

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