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There are multiple artists with the name Witness: 1. Witness (http://www.myspace.com/witnessnj) is an active hardcore band from Mountain Lakes, New Jersey. Their first release was a demo entitled "Embrace Your Nihilist Self" in the summer of 2009 . The band became dormant for much of the year following the demo, on account of the members having to return to their colleges throughout the northeast. Thus, only playing a limited number of shows. In the summer of 2010 the band became very much active again. The band has big plans for 2011 in the works, Including an LP recorded in early September 2010. The LP is entitled "Another Place, Another Time", and is due out in spring/summer 2011. Drummer of Witness, Dylan Morris, once entered a body building contest and received 3rd place. 2. Witness was an 80s hard rock band that only released a self-titled album in 1988. The album is highly sought-after and fetches high prices in online auctions. The sound of Witness has been compared mostly to Vixen. 3. Witness is a Indie/Hip-Hop artist from Morrisville, Pennsylvania. He currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has released 2 EPs The Evermore EP and The Eversince EP. It's available for purchase via iTunes or through mail. In 2008 he collaborated with producer Mobb Robb to produce the EP .45 Sweetheart. It was and still is available for free download at this link http://www.recollectiverecords.com/45sweetheart/ His first full length LP is due out in the summer of 2010, possibly in Japan only where he is signed to Rockwell Product Shop. Rerecordings of his older material is said to be released sometime in 2010, as well. 4. Witness (known as "Witness UK" in the U.S.) were an alternative rock band formed in Wigan, England in 1997. The line-up comprised Gerard Starkie (vocals, guitar), Ray Chan (guitars), Dylan Keeton (bass), John Langley (drums); and, from mid-1999, Julian Pransky-Poole (guitars). They released two albums, Before The Calm (1999) and Under A Sun (2001), before splitting in 2004. Starkie has since gone on to pursue a solo career, and released his debut album, Drawbridge, in 2006. http://www.witness.uk.com 5. Witness is a Christian hip-hop and reggae artist from Birmingham, West Midlands. He is known for his uplifting and anti-violence lyrics, as shown in his track "Tooled Up For School". It is also known that Witness has performed in various Midlands schools including Wodensborough CTC in Wednesbury in order to spread his message and promote his work. 6. Witness was a hardcore band from Jensen Beach, Fl, made up of members of versaemerge, montpellier, nikki nova, nightmares, and some other bands I can't remember. They put out a 3 song ep and played a bunch of shows throughout south Florida. There have been two reunion shows and it doesn't look like there will be any others, songs can still be found at www.myspace.com/nightmaresfla Read more on Last.fm.

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