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Wixel is the musical outfit of Wim Maesschalck. Founder of the slaapwel records label, which only releases music dedicated to fall asleep to. He also is responsible for some guitar duties in an indie rock band called Guernica, and a folkband called Bloedrood. The music of wixel has often been described as melancholic winter music. It's a warm and organic mix of acoustic instruments and gentle electronic treatments with a lot of care for detail and subtle nuances. Comparisons have been made to bands ranging from Hood to Fennesz, from Hélios to Sigur Rós. In 2002 wixel debuted with a few cd-r releases, but it wasn't until 2006 that he came into the spotlight with his more acoustic sound of his official debut "Heart". The album was well received and resulted in live shows throughout the Benelux and the UK, where he also released a tour ep called "Herfst". In 2007 he released a split 7" with his other alter ego Bloedrood on Kaspar Hauser Records while working on a full length record that was released in December 2008. Wixel delves more into the acoustic, fuzzy and atmospheric sound with even more care for balance and pace. Live, wixel is a band playing music that isn't always recorded on an album, but that clearly takes cues from the melodies of his records. It consists of four people, except Wim there's Ulrike Dragon on guitars and electronics, Karen Smedts on guitars and drums, Nil Ramos on drums, electronics and guitars. Read more on Last.fm.

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