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They are in reality forward facing musicians with a keen appreciation for past aural glories; allowing 'Trough of Bowland' to effortlessly slide in and out of styles without causing a crease to the ears. Opening with 'Love The Monk', Woodcraft Folk sound not unlike a post-folk band getting to grips with the Animals' 'House of The Rising Sun' and the theme-tune from 'Tales of the Unexpected' simultaneously (a good thing we assure you), before flipping the script altogether for 'Old House At Home'; an electronic sliver of goodness which recalls the less winsome oeuvre dealt up by Iceland's Mum. Elsewhere, 'An Up and Coming Concern' firmly establishes their Kraftwerk fan-club membership, 'Willow Beauty' revisits the glade of Nick Drake (melodica in hand), whilst 'Reindeer on the Roof' is a charming electronic squiggle that drips waterlogged digitalis over a charming central melody. Closing with 'Old House At Home II' (as close to Broadcast as you'll come without copyright infringement), the Woodcraft Folk have proved that homespun charm can have a sharp, cutting edge. http://www.myspace.com/woodcraftfolk Read more on Last.fm.

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