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07-05-2000 25-05-2003 11 8
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Yuppie Flu are an Italian band that plays lo-fi pop arranged with analog electronic keyboards. The album At The Zoo (1999) boasted charming vignettes such as Sport Yer Feelings and The Fairy Tales Of Young Robin, but the EP Boat (2000) upped the ante with the casual electronic folk of Boat Or Swim and Order The Player Off The Field. Days Before The Day (Homesleep, 2003), the mature formulation of their aesthetics, unleashed the creative insanity of a trio of eccentric compositions (Drained By Diamonds, Eyes Of Dazzling Bright, Spring To Downcomers), topped with the catchy refrain of I Feel Lucky. Toast Masters (Homesleep, 2005) is less electronic and more traditional.

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