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Zea started out as an indie guitar band, then became an electro punk duo and now it's basically just Arnold de Boer, armed with synthesizers or just an acoustic guitar. Zea has had many different shapes and incarnations. Arnold de Boer has been a key figure in the Amsterdam underground scene for many years. Since 2009 he is the frontman of the legendary The Ex. Arnold de Boer was born in the northern Dutch province of Friesland, in the village of Makkum to be precise. But that was just his childhood. As an adult he was always based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and that's where he founded Zea: eclectric indie mono high energy guitar songs with urgent lyrics on punky beats and grimy bass lines, joyfully obstinate, wonderfully bonkers, et cetera. Under the Zea moniker De Boer has released indie rock, electropunk and tiny little acoustic songs sung in Frisian, his mothertongue. Just like The Ex he works with African musicians a lot. He has toured with King Ayisoba and produced his '1000 Can Die' album (2017). Albums: Kowtow To An Idiot (2000) Today I Forgot To Complain (2003) Insert Parallel Universe (2006) The Beginner (2010) The Swimming City (2014) Moarn gean ik dea (2017) In addition to that Zea put out stand-alone singles and compilations and what not. Visit official site Read more on Last.fm.

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